Top 10 Laptops in 2020

Choosing a laptop is something that we all do at one point of our lives. This is considered a very personal ritual because there is so much thought put into choosing the perfect laptop for you. What’s overwhelming is that there are dozens of brands that produce new and updated versions of laptops very year. As soon you visit a laptop shop or go online for seeing some choices, there are hundreds or even thousands of laptops that each one of them seems to be very impressive and deserves serious thought. This whole process can be very challenging especially if you have limited budget or specific features that you are looking for. Luckily, there is no need for you to worry about finding the next perfect laptop because here is the list of top 10 laptops of 2020. You can take a look at the top of the line choices included in the list and chances are that you will find a suitable laptop very quickly.

1- HP Spectre x360:

If you ask your friends which laptop brand they like, at least 5 out of 10 will say the name HP. It doesn’t matter what features you are looking for in a laptop because HP has hundreds of models with some models that are affordable yet have good performance and features and some models like Spectre x360 which is a high end model with great features and cutting edge design techniques.

HP spectre X360

First of all, this is a slim and smart laptop design which is just less than 3 pounds of weight which means you won’t even notice you have a laptop in your backpack while carrying it. Then comes the overall design and outlook of this laptop which is just mind blowing. The edges are trimmed like diamonds and the color choices including dark silver and blue make it look like a piece of gem. Some of the features include; 13.3” touch screen display, 5th generation i7 processor, SSD hard drive up to 1TB, up to 16GB of RAM, bang and Olufsen speakers and a battery that can last for at least a day. This is probably the most important feature that we look in a laptop that we shouldn’t be carrying the charger along with the laptop and it should have enough juice to survive for 12-15 hours.

2 – Dell XPS 15:

It might be a problem for some people especially the ones that love Dell more than HP to see that Dell XPS 15 didn’t make it to the top of the list but it’s still pretty impressive that it holds the 2nd place on the top ten laptops of 2020 list. While talking about the features, this has a 15.6” full HD touch screen display along with Intel’s 5th generation processor up to i7, SSD hard drive up to 1TB, RAM that starts from 16GB and goes up to 64GB and then it has a dedicated 4GB Nvidia graphics card.

Dell XPS 15

This graphics card combined with the high end processor and loads of RAM is more than enough to perform any task that you throw at the laptop. Battery timing is not very impressive but it’s still enough to last for 8-10 hours which falls in high battery timing category. Dell is known for having some issues i.e. getting hot under heavy use or annoying fan noise when it’s trying to keep the laptop cool. Then there is the obvious issue of having a big laptop which might be a problem for some people but for those, there is the XPS 13 which is comparatively a slimmer and smaller laptop model with almost the same specs.

3 – Dell XPS 13:

This is yet another impressive design from Dell and it’s one of the most favorite laptop models in 2020. The reason that XPS 13 is widely popular is because this has almost the same features as XPS 15 but its slimmer and thinner. This laptop has 13.4” full HD display with almost no bezels around it. Because there isn’t a thick bezel on the top of the screen, the camera had to be moved on the bottom which creates the problems of bad quality and unfamiliar angle of view compared to the laptops that have web cam on the top of the screen.

Dell XPS 13

There are few options for you to choose from including base model that has basic features and then the top of the line model that has highest level of features i.e. i7 Intel processor, dedicated graphics card, up to 16GB of RAM, excellent battery timing, premium quality sound system and 512GB SSD hard drive. Some might argue that XPS 13 is better than XPS 15 but it’s just the matter of personal choices and if you like a smaller laptop with 13” display or a bigger bulkier laptop with 15” display.

4 – Mac Book Pro:

There is a whole group of people who have something against Apple and then there are the people who can’t get enough of Apple products. Whether you like Apple gadgets or feel they are over rated, there is the Mac Book Pro laptop that is the favorite laptop for most of us.

Mac Book Pro

When it comes to laptops, every brand seems to follow specific guidelines that they stick too i.e. screen size, processor choice, battery timing, keyboard quality and sound system but Apple is well known to break the norm and play outside of boundaries. This is the reason that Mac Book Pro that is announced in 2020 has an impressive i9 processor with 512GB SSD hard drive as standard and 32GB of RAM. This laptop includes a dedicated graphics card from AMD Radeon which is more than enough to play highest quality games. Screen size on this laptop is 16” and what’s impressive is that the edge to edge size of the screen is similar to other laptop models but Apple somehow managed to put a 16” display with almost no bezels.

5 – Acer Swift 3:

Here is the laptop that has managed it’s place on the top 5 laptop brands in the world by surprise but when you actually get to hold the laptop in your hands and use it for some time, you feel this is better than some of the highest quality and most expensive laptops from other brands.

Acer Swift 3

The reason for that is because Acer is placed way below the top high end laptop models and they always try to find new ways to impress their consumers with some features like AMD processor which is only made for Acer laptop models so there is a lot more dedication and hard work put into designing this Ryzen 7 processor. This laptop also uses AMD Radeon graphics card which makes it a breast to handle any task that you throw at it. 8GB of RAM and 512GB SSD hard drive is included in the laptop with 14” HD display. One of the reasons why people like Acer is because the way it feels weightless when you hold it in your hands.

6 – Asus ROG Zephyrus G14:

There are the laptops that you use for your office work and then there are the laptops that you use for watching movies and listening to music. There is the 3rd category of laptops that is known as gaming laptops. Some brands have introduced hybrid models that can perform well under any circumstances and can be used for work purposes and for gaming as well but it’s always better to have a laptop that is specifically designed for gaming only.

Asus ROG

You can still use it for other stuff but the key purpose of having such a laptop is to play high performance games especially online multiplayer games. This ROG Zephyrus G14 laptop is a well equipped and popular model from Asus which is actually designed to be used as a gaming laptop. This laptop includes 15.6” HD display, AMD Ryzen 9 processor, and AMD Radeon graphics card, 16GB of RAM and 1TB SSD hard drive. Weight of this laptop is around 3.5 pounds but the impressive part is that this has excellent battery timing for a gaming laptop. The thing is that when it comes to gaming laptops, they can have impressive display or high performance graphics card but they all suck at battery timing which means you need to keep them plugged in for playing high end games. Unlike that, Asus ROG Zephyrus has excellent battery timing which means you can keep playing video games for longer than other laptops.

7 – HP Envy X360 13:

Finding a great quality laptop isn’t the problem but keeping your budget under $1,000 is the real issue here. Whether you talk about high end HP laptop or a great quality Dell work station, they can cost anything from $1,500 to even $2,500 in some cases.

HP Envy X360

The thing is that not all of us have that much money lying around to spend on a laptop and spending less money means compromising on quality and essential features i.e. graphics, processor and storage space. There is no need worry because you can still get a premium quality laptop such as HP Envy X360 13 with extraordinary performance and price tag under $1,000. This is a mid size laptop with 13.3” touch screen display, MD Ryzen 5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD hard drive. Battery life is also very impressive on this laptop and the only thing not good about it is that it’s a little big bulkier than its competitors.

8 – Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 15:

Everybody loves a beautiful laptop and when it comes to having a gorgeous looking piece of machinery, no one can do it better than Samsung. This brand is mostly known for its smart phones and flagship gadgets but this brand also produces laptops and tablets and Galaxy Book Flex 15 is a great invention from this brand.

Samsung Galaxy Book

This laptop is equipped with Intel i7 processor, Nvidia graphics card, 12GB RAM and 512GB of hard drive. Display is 15.6” QLED with touch screen and because it includes 360 degree rotating hinges, you can just fold the screen backward and convert it into a tablet. Because a dedicated Nvidia graphics card is added on the laptop, you can use it for office purposes and for playing games on it. Battery timing is also impressive with more than 15 hours of capacity but with this level of battery, the size is a bit thicker and heavier. Overall, the weight of the laptop is kept under 3.5 pounds and that sometimes creates problem while you use it as a tablet.

9 – Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon:

When we think of a laptop, durability is something that doesn’t popup in our minds very often. We look for beautiful designs, impressive displays, extraordinary features and long battery life but we never think of a laptop that can survive a fall on the ground.

Lenovo Think Pad X1 Carbon

This is because almost all laptops are very fragile and if you drop it on the ground, there is no doubt that it’s broken. This issue is almost kind of resolved with Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. This laptop is tested by military and it’s known for its rigidness and durability. Making a laptop drop proof means there are some compromises made on the design but that’s not the case here. This X1 Carbon is still a sleek looking laptop with Intel i5 processor, Intel’s UHD graphics card, 256GB of SSD and 8GB of RAM and top of that, there is 14” full HD display.

10 – Alienware Area 51m:

If you are looking for a sleek looking laptop that you can carry around all day for work purposes, maybe you should take a look at some of the choices given above because no matter how impressive the Alienware Area 51m laptop is, this brand is well known for producing impressive laptops for gaming purposes. Keeping up with the tradition, this 2020 model is also a very impressive and extraordinary piece of equipment with its 17.3” full HD display.

Alienware Area 51m

This beast is equipped with Intel i9 processor which is one of its kind and then there is the Nvidia Geforce graphics card along with Intel’s UHD graphics. There is massive 64GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD along with 1TB of hybrid hard drive. One thing that’s not very impressive is that this laptop weighs more than 8 pounds which becomes an issue if you like to carry your laptop all day long. There is one thing that you usually don’t get with most of the other brands’ laptops which is the change of the components i.e. upgrade RAM or Graphics but with Alienware Area 51m, you can pretty much change or upgrade any component that you want.

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