Top 10 Android Apps of 2020

Your smart phone has the potential to become anything that you want. If you love to take photos, there are cameras installed in your mobile that allows you to take exceptional quality photos and videos. If you use online banking, your smart phone can become your credit card that allows you to make payments on the go without keeping hard cash in your wallet. If you love to read books, you can download millions of books in your smart phone and read at your convenience.

All of this and many other things that you can do with your smart phone are at your finger tips but a smart phone is only equipped with the most important applications. This means you need to install the applications that you prefer to want on your smart phone using Google Play Store. There are millions of applications on the Play Store divided into various categories i.e. health, photo editing, cooking, traveling, games etc. Seeing so many applications can be overwhelming. We have create a list of top 10 applications that you can install in your smart phone and this list covers almost every category from playing music to creating to do lists to editing pictures to navigation.

1- Spotify:

One of the great perks of the modern smart phone is that now we don’t need to carry walkman or CD players or even iPods because our mobile can have all the songs in the world just a single touch away. It’s actually not possible to keep that many songs in your smart phone because there is limited space but there are applications that allow you to listen to your favorite songs and music anytime anywhere and one of those apps is Spotify.


This is a great music listening app with millions of songs in the playlist. There is a free version that you can enjoy but it will have ads in between the songs. If you want to experience ad free music, you can get paid subscription.

2- CamScanner:

Having a portable scanner on the go is a great facility. You never know when you need to scan documents and it’s not possible to find a scanner lying around. A great way to tackle this problem is by having CamScanner application on your smart phone.


This application allows you to take high quality picture of a document from any angle and then it automatically crops and adjusts the picture with best quality results. You can later save the file, share it via Bluetooth, email or put it in Dropbox to be saved on cloud. Best thing about this application is that it allows you to share the documents in picture or PDF format with size reduction options.

3- Shareit:

When first generations of smart phones were introduced, we could only transfer files via infrared. Later the mobiles came with Bluetooth that made our lives easier but it wasn’t convenient enough. W had to wait for a long time as the transfer rate was very slow.


These days, you can install an application known as Shareit on your smart phone and it enables you to transfer huge files via private Wi-Fi network. Both the mobiles need to have this application installed and then you can just choose the files you want to share and the application will either use the existing Wi-Fi connection to transfer the files or will create its own private Wi-Fi network between two smart phones.

4 – Weather:

People living in tropical areas understand the problem of unpredictable weather. They never know when it’s going to rain so they always have to carry an umbrella with them.

Luckily those days are gone because most of the smart phones come with weather application. This application allows you to see the weather forecast up to an entire month and every time you connect to internet via mobile data or Wi-Fi, it automatically updates the weather for you. Other than forecasting rain, the weather application shows current temperature, humidity level and wind speed along with additional features i.e. sunrise and sunset time.

5- Google Maps:

GPS has become an important part of our lives and we could only imagine how people used to travel when they didn’t have GPS in their vehicles. GPS or global positioning system in a vehicle works great as you can see your current location and you can enter a destination and it will guide you turn by turn but it’s not always possible to travel in a car. What if you are going on foot or motorbike? To handle these situations, you can install Google Maps on your smart phone and have the portable navigations system on the go.

google maps

Every new smart phone has GPS system in them and you just need to install Google Maps application to enjoy various features i.e. seeing your current location, finding best route to your destination, avoid congested areas on the road, viewing traffic jams on the map and seeing your actual speed of travel.

6- LastPass:

Modern smart phones are equipped with hundreds of functions to perform various duties. Some of these tasks include handling email accounts, using online banking, creating virtual wallets to secure credit and debit card information and Google Drive. Almost every secure application requires you to set a password and it can be a problem because you can never set the same password for multiple applications as it’s not secure and if you try to set a different password for each application, you won’t be able to remember that many passwords.

lastpass mobile app

LastPass is a great application that allows you to store and secure your login credentials in a virtual safe or vault. This vault will require you to set a master password and when you unlock it, it will reveal your login credentials and passwords to bank accounts and emails. Additionally this application can also be used to create really complex and impossible to hack passwords as well.

7 – Google Translator:

People who travel all the time understand the problem of meeting people who speak a different dialect or have a completely different language. As of today, there are more than 1000 languages spoken around the world. Some of these are very famous and international i.e. Chinese, Spanish, French and Russian while some are not very common i.e. Urdu, Sanskrit and Gujarati. It’s obvious that you can’t learn all these languages so there is a better option for you to communicate with people who speak a different language using Google Translate.

google translate

This application allows you to enter a text in any language and translate it to literally any language in the world. Additionally, you can speak to your smart phone and it will translate your words in your desired language. Two people with different languages can speak to this application and would be able to understand each other quickly.

8 – PhotoDirector:

One of the perks of having a modern smart phone is that it comes with excellent camera features. You can take high quality pictures and shot up to 8K videos on your smart phone but when it comes to editing those pictures, there is usually nothing much you can do. To handle the editing job, there is an application called PhotoDirector.

PhotoDirector Mobile App

You can install this application on your smart phone and it will let you adjust colors, level of saturation and brightness of the previously taken photos. You can also add various different filters and texts or watermark on the photo as well. This application has its own camera as well which you can use to take new photos and use dozens of impressive features and see the results in real time.

9 – Express VPN:

VPN or virtual private network applications have become very popular these days. These applications allow you to change your IP address, browse internet anonymously or access blocked content in your home country. When you use a VPN, it changes your location to a different place and then you can browse internet safely.


Among hundreds of VPN applications, Express VPN stands out because of its features and benefits. Off course, this application is not free and you have to pay small subscription fee to use it but keep in mind that a good VPN application should never be free.

10 – Todoist:

Handling multiple tasks can be challenging especially if you are married with kids and have a full time job. On daily basis, you will need to handle tasks and complete assignments at work while taking care of personal matters. This can be difficult for individuals who always seem to forget important chores.

Todoist Mobile App

Todoist is a great application that allows you to create a list of important tasks and assign priority to each of them. When you complete a task, you can mark it as completed in the application and always have a list of important chores on the go. Additionally, this application can be installed on multiple devices with data sync option so you can view the same list and progress of assignments on your smart phone, tablet and laptop.

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