Modern Techniques of Gift-wrapping

A gift expresses your love and care for someone, its wrapping conveys how special that person is for you. An emotionless wrapping may deface the uniqueness of even an expensive gift. Here by emotionless I mean the wrapping you have not spent your personal time on. It does not matter how expensive a gift is, what matters is how much affection you have poured upon it. A self wrapped gift delivers the thought that someone is special for you and is worth your attention. It appears to be a trifling matter but it conveys something more than the actual gift. And gift wrapping is all about giving supplementary expressions to the present. So put a lot of contemplation in making your gift wonderful. This article may help you decide what on-trend materials can be used for wrapping and embellishment of gifts. There are a lot of things that can be utilized to enclose a gift – usually we have these unusual ‘outlook creators’ already at home. Just have a look at different useless objects lying around in your home and you will see that they are awesome when wrapped on a gift.


Wrap a gift in tissue paper available in different bright colors to give an expression of tenderness or use kitchen napkins as they offer a good range of pretty patterns on them. Tissues and kitchen napkins are also ideal for packing oddly shaped gifts. If you want to give an unusual touch wrap your gift in foreign language newspapers. You may also utilize some repurposed papers like old maps, colorful pages from a magazine, shopping bags with greeting stamps. They really add a twist to your present. Use of newspapers to wrap gifts is not new but a crispy curled custom bow will it look novel and fresh.

Another way of wrapping gifts elegantly is the use of fabric. It is a Japanese technique called “Furoshiki”. It is an evergreen choice as fabric is more durable than paper and can be used over and over again. Fabric gives a posh look and is available in a variety of textural designs. Small presents can be slipped into hand-made fabric pouches which present a conspicuous look when tied up with a silk ribbon. It requires least sewing expertise to make these pouches. Pack wine bottles using vibrant fabric along with leaves of seasonal plants and top it with a take on name tag.  Felt cloth also looks gorgeous. Washcloth (also called flannel) makes an appealing wrap for gifts like deluxe soap bars or scented items. Tack on a gift card and give your gift indeed a lavish and pampered treatment. Name or Photo tags make your gift prominent and seem nostalgic and fascinating. Make rubber stamp impressions on a plain wrapping paper either in a repeated uniform or random pattern. The rubber stamp may have a geometrical design on it or a situation specific message. Do up your gifts in silver inside of a potato-chip bag but remember to wash up the bag with detergent powder before use. Economical kraftpaper can be turned into a graceful and stylish wrap with crafted names of recipients using newspapers or book pages as it makes the gift more personalized.

Attractive twigs, berries, fruitlets and sprigs make packages natural and wonderful. They can be further adorned with glitter, droplets of golden or silver paint or colorful beads. Blank white stickers available from stores that supply office-use material, beautifully creates dotted patterns. You can also spell out names with these stickers. Choose solid-color wrapping paper which is stylish and unusual then smarten it up with strips of ornate paper.

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