Canasta Score Sheet Templates – 10 Free Sample Template

Canasta is a Spanish word which means ‘basket’. It is Rummy family game in the form of cards played by 4 players. A number of players can be changed. But, most commonly, this card game is played by four people in the form two groups or partnership. There is a standard deck form of cards. This game is a type of status & classic.... more →
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Euchre Score Sheet Templates – 10 Free Sample Templates

Euchre is a card game like Canasta but it is a tricky type of card game. Like Canasta, Euchre is also played between 4 players in the form of 2 groups or 2 partnerships. Like standard playing game, there are decks of 24 or 32 cards. In this game, the joker is getting introduced in the modern game. This game is famous in the US. Score... more →
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Executive Summary Templates for Business – 10 Free Sample Templates

In order to deal with the services required by the customers, an enterprise, a form or agency is designed, to provide all those good required for such services. Business is actually a private entity, by a person or a group of people, for the provision of customer demanded goods & services in exchange for other goods, sources... more →
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Grade 2 Lesson Plan Templates – 10 Free Sample Templates

There are considerable kinds of lesson plans for 2nd grade lesson plans available. Teacher friendly and easy to execute lesson plans for second graders are tremendously constructive for teachers as well as homeschooling parents. Schooling in the United States is mostly offered by the public sector, with be in command of and financial... more →
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Baptism Invitation Templates – 10 Free Sample Templates

Baptism is a very important ritual as it is considered to be the basis for the Christian religion. People invite their friends and family on the event of their children’s baptism where sometimes only close acquaintances are invited and at other times the event is arranged on a bigger scale. Like all other events, the arrangements... more →
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