Basic Meeting Agenda Templates – 10 Free Templates

Meetings are quite important form making a continuity in the project workflow and to keep on track the progress of a project or any organizational task. In order to keep record of points to be discussed in the meeting, each meeting must have some agenda. This agenda must be shared with all or most of the meeting members before the... more →
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Research Proposal Templates – 10 Free Sample Templates

Research Proposal is the first document prepared while starting research in any particular domain. Research Proposal is a key document which decides the future research outcomes of any student as well as research group. Research proposals are very important for starting a research degree as well as bidding for a research project.... more →
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Loan Installment Receipt Templates – 10 Free Sample Templates

Taking loan is an important factor of any business organization and efficient workflow of loan taking and return process can lead to good performance of business among the stakeholders and competing vendors. Therefore, it is required to enhance and improve the faults or flaws in loan process. In order to efficiently complete the... more →
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Legal Lease Agreement Templates – 10 Free Sample Templates

This article is all about the significance of a general lease document. A lease is a form of a legal permission through which the lessee can use the asset provided by the lessor; here the lessee is the user and lessor is the owner of the asset. Also, lease which is a form of contract, provides information about the equivalent amount... more →
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Log in Sheet Templates -10 Free Sample Templates

In managing s business of marketing, log sheets are very important in order to check the efficiency of the employees & to let them know of their work result, both monthly as well as annually. The log sheet keeps the workers or employees on their track due to daily check of their work efficiency. During the working hours, the... more →
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Fun Voucher Templates -10 Free Sample Templates

When you want to give surprise to you dear friend, sibling or most dear person then it a good idea to make them fun vouchers. All you have to do is to take some accessories from book shop or you may also find glittery things around you to make a fun voucher for your partner. When you personalize a fun voucher for your friend or sibling... more →
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Babysitting Voucher Templates -10 Free Sample Templates

Every parent cares for his their child at the best they can. They tried to provide them every facility they can and accommodate them as far as possible. And baby sitting is something that is one of their other sentiments to show their love and affection for their children. They avoid their late night activities for their children... more →
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Payment Receipts Samples – 10 Free Receipts Samples

Receipts and Payments Account should be comprehensive. This means that it should show the picture of the organization’s financial scenario. The receipt and payment account report could be made for small, business and segments of business. ,it means the receipt and payment amount is use to  display transactions of funds in a chartable... more →
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Birthday Voucher Templates – 10 Free Sample Templates

When technology change then customs and life styles also change?  If we see through the history we could wish a person on birth day through telephone or only with a birthday card or with any gift physically. Now birthday voucher took place all the things on a celebration of birthday. What is Birthday Voucher? Birthday voucher is... more →
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Cash Voucher Templates-10 Free Sample Templates

First of all we need to know as what is voucher system? It is widely used method of gaining control over cash disbursements. The basic idea of this system is that every transaction that result in a cash disbursement must be verified, approved in writing and recorded before a Check/Cash is issued. It is also known as a written authorization... more →
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