Creative Uses of Camera Drones

It seems the thing of the recent past when someone said there might be a way to own a toy aircraft that has an operational camera on it but this concept was met with humor and laugh. Despite the fact that people were so sure that it’s not possible to create such a technology or maybe just to prove them wrong, a drone was invented. When we see the journey of the drone, it’s astonishing to notice that the very first unmanned aircraft took off just after the Wright Brothers invented the first airplane. Soon after that, US started working on the concept of having a remote controlled airplane which can be used against enemies in battles and there was in fact a model created but it was never used in the war. The very first unmanned aircraft was used by Russia in WWII where it would carry massive bombs and the operator on the ground would just plunge the aircraft into battle ships and enemy soldiers.

drone technology

Unlike the old times, drones are mostly use for their camera features these days and it seems to serve the actual purpose. From the first drone in 1905 that only flew 2 feet above the ground and was handled by four individuals to the drones and quad copters these days that can be controlled by your smart phone, times have definitely changed. These days, drones are used for so many purposes but one thing is for sure, there is no use of this technology without camera. One of the reasons it’s restricted to use drones in the USA is because it invades the private space and a drone with a camera can go anywhere and everywhere which makes it difficult to be put under surveillance. Despite the fact that a drone camera can be used for illegal or unethical purposes, there is lots of potential in this technology and the world seems to be inventing just the right techniques and technologies to make it easier and convenient for us to own and operate a drone camera.

From delivering parcels within minutes of placing the order online to surveying aerial space for cultivation purposes to bringing innovation to personal photography to protecting borders and preventing illegal entry into a country, there are hundreds of uses of drone cameras. Here are some of the most common and innovative uses of drone cameras.

Replacing Drone Cameras with Google Street View Vehicles:

For those of you who are very much familiar with the Google Maps, there is no surprise in seeing Google vehicles on the roads very commonly. Google uses these vehicles to actually map out the roads, intersections and most recent changes in the certain areas i.e. a residential complex replacing a water park or a new road being built to join two small towns. With the help of drone cameras, this job can become easier and convenient for all of us.


When drone camera is used to map out geographical features, there is no need for a vehicle to be driven on the road and the mapping can be done quickly because of free air space being used by the drone. Unlike a vehicle that has to be driven only on roads from point A to point B, a drone can be flown without following a road or traffic signs. Not to mention the fact that an airborne camera can see and scan a large area comparing to the limited sight and vision of a camera located on a vehicle driven on the ground.

Drones Replacing Industrial Surveyors and Inspectors:

Safety of employees is the first and one of the most important concerns of employers and organizations. A small negligence or unsafe workplace environment can lead to a big disaster. This is why organizations especially industrial units and production plants take great care of their employee by regularly inspecting the building and machinery and this is done by experienced inspectors. Not to be complaining about the efficiency of these inspectors, a drone can do a better job. In fact there are some great drone models in development that are only developed for inspecting industrial plants and hard to reach areas in a workplace.

Industrial drones

Unlike a common drone, these surveying drones have a rigid outer shell that helps them bounce off any hard object instead of breaking down or getting stuck in between objects. Not only that these drones are equipped with high quality cameras and LEDs that can record up to 4K video in complete dark but the periodic inspections can be scheduled with these drones which means there is no need for someone to be there but the drones will automatically took off when it’s time to inspect an area.

Enjoying Aerial Photography with Drone Camera:

Photography can help bringing a new perspective and unique point of view for us and the reason why people adopt photography as a full time profession is just because it gives them some kind of satisfaction and peace to see the world from a different angle. The times when we had no choice but to take a picture from a bulky camera while staying on ground and then waiting for a day or two before seeing what we captured are certainly over. Not only that you can take instant photos and quickly see how the photo appears but it’s also possible to take photos above the ground with the use of drone cameras.

drone Arial view

These days there are certain drone cameras that are specifically designed for photography purposes and these drones are equipped with the highest quality cameras that can record videos with up to 8K resolution. Forget about the obvious benefit of using a drone camera to fit even hundred people in a single shot but imagine how cool it would be to fly a drone and see the live footage on your smart phone or VR headset and getting the feeling of actually flying like a bird.

Taking care of wild life using Drone Cameras:

Nature has its own way of responding to natural and man-made disasters. Some of these responses are good while some aren’t. Animal right activists and social workers consider it an alarming situation that so many animal species are near to extinct and if proper steps are not taken, these animals might disappear from the face of the earth forever. In order to protect these species, drone cameras and aerial view technology is used.

For one thing, this technology helps getting the migrating animal groups back to their natural habitat while on the larger scale, these drones can help scan a wide area quickly and notice unusual activity i.e. illegal hunting. Then there is the use of these drone cameras to actually saving lives of animals by rescuing them from disasters i.e. floods, wild fires and volcano eruptions. In the recent past, this technology was used to guide California condor back to its natural habitat right from the middle of their migration route.

Uses of Drone Cameras in Times of Pandemic i.e. COVID 19 Breakout:

When the first personal drone was invented, no one thought that a time will come when this piece of technology will actually help saving mankind. But in recent months, this technology has proven its worth by containing the spread of a contagious disease like COVID 19. It’s been almost 6 months that the world is under strict lockdown and nations around the world are fighting with the spread of coronavirus. The first official use of a drone camera for the spread of COVID 19 was done by Chinese government where they deployed hundreds of autonomous drones over the cities and towns to prevent crowds and spread of virus among large groups of people and the same technology was used to even point out the individuals in crowded places who weren’t wearing face masks.

Besides keeping general public safe and helping people maintain social distance, these drones were also used to deliver food, medical supplies and grocery items. Then there are the drones that are also equipped with thermal sensors which mean they can scan the temperature of humans from a wide distance to point out the individuals with higher temperature indicating they might be infected with coronavirus.

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